Is Your Billing Better Off Today Than It Was Last Year? Do You Know What Your Billing Company Is Doing? With us get results in 72 hours - Guaranteed!

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Take Your Practice To the Next Level: Increase Your Revenue From $100k to $350K. We'll Show You How

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What Process Do You Have Today to Prioritize Which Denials Should Be Worked or Expedited Based On Due Dates or Dollar Value?

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A Call Center for Healthcare Providers Who Need Answers Now!

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Four Reasons to Use PRS Now!

1You desire to know what your billing company is doing. Your staff is not trained to handle certain aspects of your practice.  You need results fast!

2Your Accounts Receivables is in disarray and you need help with a backlog of claims that have not been processed or awaiting appeal.  You need results fast!

3You need help with keeping up with the ever-changing healthcare regulations and you will need assistance with ICD-10 implemention and training.

4Your hospital or group does not have any initiatives around the use of quality improvement or the utilization of Lean Six Sigma processes?• You need a way to measure the daily or monthly productivity of each person working denials and sending appeals?  You need results fast!